Monday, May 18, 2009

Knitting Bling

I seem to have somewhat lost my knitting mojo, and my blogging mojo for that matter too. I think a bit of winter blues might be to blame there and a busy few weeks with non stop reading of the Twilight saga family life (my big girl turned 7 a few days ago). So I'm afraid there's no interesting knitting to show you today.

At the moment I'm working on a pair of longies for M1 which are my 'mindless TV watching' knitting but being toddler sized the legs are taking forever and I'm quickly losing patience with them! I realise M1 seems to be doing very well in the 'knitted by Mum' department this year and as much as I'd like to be doing only the selfish knitting she does need some warm pj pants.

I've also resurrected my clapotis and have done a few more repeats of the middle section, but again, its not exactly riveting knitting and as much as I'd like all my stitch markers, cable and tips back thank you very much I find myself unable to stick at it for any length of time! I really should be a bit more motivated as I'd hate for it to sit around over winter and not be able to snuggle under it while the weather is cool.

And the other thing 'on the needles' at the moment is a snuggly warm wool/alpaca (Patons Jet) cardigan for myself. I've completed the back and I'm thinking I'll pick that up again in the hope that some 'me' knitting will inspire that knitting mojo to return!! Let's hope so anyway!!

If anyone has any tips for getting over the 'meh' then please share them with me!

So in the absence of the knitting stuff here is some knitting bling. I recently joined an Australasia only swap group on Ravelry (link here if you want to join too). The group is new but is looking like it could be quite a bit of fun and the best bit is that postage isn't going to be a killer since only Aus and NZ people can join.

The first swap was for 3 stitch markers. These are the lovely ones that Maree sent me:

St Markers from Maree

The photo doesnt really do the beads justice, when the light shines on them they shimmer and are really quite gorgeous.

I was sending to Pixie and decided I would try something a little different by making my own needle felted beads. (Of course inspired by Julie's wonderful creations). They were really fun to make, I must make some for myself one day.

Felted stitch markers

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next few swaps are.

Also on the topic of knitting bling I recently made some markers for a friend. She wanted 'word' ones and these turned out really well.
I loved the little coloured beads I used on these so made a couple of sets of 'rainbow' inspired markers which I sold at the expo stall I mentioned awhile back. They are so cheerful I'm glad I bought a whole tube of these beads so I get to use them again and again.

And some special beads that were for a themed yarn swap, again for a friend. Can you guess what the theme was ?
Dragonfly and Amber

A hint...its a book :D and it got mentioned by me not so long ago.


Rose Red said...

Hmmm, knitting mojo problems...go through stash and find a forgotten but lush yarn that you just want to knit up straight away - and start knitting; or maybe an easy small project for yourself, to get you back into the swing.

(or maybe a new pair of shoes as a reward for finishing one of your wips!!)

Jen said...

I have problems with mojo-absenteeism, too. Mine's been missing for quite a while - I've only had enough energy to plonk myself in front of the telly once the kids are in bed.

I reckon it goes in waves; I find myself doing something really intensely for a while then burning out, and needing a break before getting back in the crafting groove.

Hope you find your mojo soon :-) (...and if mine's hiding out with it, point it in the right direction!)


At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love the beads! They are beautiful.

Knitting mojo....find a project you have been putting off for yourself and cast on. Something with luscious yarn that you can't wait to wear :)

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

The swap looks fun!

To get over the "meh" I go for the instant gratification project. A cowl in a fabulous yarn should do the trick!

Sharonnz said...

Sounds like you need to pop over for a cuppa and some knitting chitty chat;-) LOVE the needle-felted markers!! I remember there was a few of us TNNers with girls born around the same time - mine's 7 this Fri - Happy Birthday to yours. (Gee - could this be any longer & disjointed?)

Melissa said...

My mojo is missing too. Maybe they got together and have gone off somewhere warmer for a wee holiday. I love the stitch markers.

Diane said...

What the heck is going on? My knitting mojo is missing too. I'm taking a little break and just working on small things, stuff I can mindlessly knit while watching tv.

Heart Felt said...

I know what that feeling is like.....not the same problem as I had a month ago?????

Jennynz said...

Oooooooh Dragonfly in Amber, rad theme!

I'll join you on the lost mojo front, its not that I don't want to knit, but atm I want to read more than I want to pick up the needles. So I'm just going with it, I expect the reading-every-spare-moment-I-have phase will pass soon and then I'll get back to the knitting all energised and refreshed :)

Hmmm, only now you've got me thinking about Jamie and Claire and I haven't read the last book yet but maybe I should read all of them again from the beginning rather than going straight to the last one...

MRS MJW said...

My only girl is eight. What a fun age huh? Love, love, love your felted stitch markers.

Anonymous said...

Love the felted st markers hun!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your stitch markers! The only thing I find works on the mojo front is just not to worry about it. It probably won't be long before you see something that excites you and that you can't wait to start!